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NLR Property Management is the watchful eye that safeguards your interests. We protect your investment and ensure the highest standards via organized management structure, routine on-site inspections, and professionally trained personnel. Also, our online property management software lets you access property information in real-time, with just the click of a mouse.

Multi-Family Management

  • NLR offers multi-family asset management, including apartments, condos, townhouses and single-family housing
  • Our current portfolio includes both family-friendly and age-restricted properties
  • We are one of the largest affordable multi-family asset management providers in the upper Midwest and are currently expanding into other markets
  • Our team has extensive experience managing all types of communities and assets, including hotels, assisted living facilities, apartments, and LIHTC communities

Asset Management

  • We provide consulting services for both commercial and multi-family property management
  • Our asset management services include planning, reviewing, budgeting and forecasting
  • NLR’s property management software ensures we focus on the metrics that are important to you, so we always hit your target goals

Repositioning Assets

  • NLR’s team has the real estate experience you need to hit your sales goals
  • We get you the best results by customizing our management strategies to fit your unique needs
  • Our vendors are bonded and insured, including general liability insurance
  • We monitor progress throughout the process so we can make changes as needed to pricing, marketing spend, and unit prep

Construction Management

  • NLR’s project planning begins with a detailed project assessment to maximize efficiency and minimize costs
  • We only work with experienced, highly respected sub- and general contractors
  • Our budgeting and RFP process helps control costs
  • We balance efficiency and safety to save you money while still meeting all project milestones

Due Diligence Services

  • NLR customizes due diligence services to meet your unique asset and acquisition needs
  • We employ the latest technology and tools to perform an accurate assessment of potential acquisitions to help you make an informed decision
  • NLR’s analytics and reporting includes unit inspections, lease audits, physical property observation, and more
  • Our due diligence process includes detailed reports from subcontractors and third-party vendors
  • All due diligence services are tailored to the client’s immediate needs

Receivership & Turnaround Management

  • NLR is an experienced, responsible custodian for your troubled assets
  • Our team has a strong background in finance, accounting, real estate, and construction
  • Owner Gerald Haan’s extensive background includes the successful turnaround of properties in multi-family, senior living, commercial real estate, hotel management and assisted care